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About UrbanSoft

About UrbanSoft

AO UrbanSoft is currently located at the *St. Petersburg State University (former LGU), the oldest and largest University in the city. The * science campus of the university is situated in a rural area about 30 km from the center of St. Petersburg. Our office is accessible by commuter rail, with frequent service from the Baltic Rail station.

St. Petersburg, with a population of 5 million, is the second largest city on the European continent. You can learn more about the city by looking at the *St. Petersburg Home Page.

Here are some firms that we work with.

How to Contact Us

The most reliable way to contact UrbanSoft is by electronic mail:

General Information:
    Product Support:
           Web Page:

If you need to send a physical letter or package, you can use this address:
Russia, 198903 Petrodvorets-6, A/R 77, AO UrbanSoft

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