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OpenKernel CD-ROM

OpenKernel CD-ROM

UrbanSoft markets packaged software under the tradename "Open Kernel", which signifies that all programs are freely distributable with source code. The OpenKernel CD-ROM contains leading free software products developed and supported through the Internet. The CD-ROM is currently sold through retail outlets in the former USSR.

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Here you can see an image of the front of the CD-ROM package, or the back of the CD-ROM package, or the CD-ROM itself.

The software contained on the OpenKernel CD includes:

  • Linux Operating System
    The world-wide standard free UNIX System. Includes RedHat Linux 4.0, the recognized commercial standard Linux distribution.

  • TeX Document Compiler
    The advanced document production system that is ideally suited for standard forms and databased documents. Includes complete Russification.

  • WWW Servers
    Three WWW servers are included on the CD, including Apache, the most popular WWW server in the world.

  • Hurd/Mach Development Environment
    Hurd 0.1 (alpha release).

  • Russification
    Everything you need to work with Russian language text: Cyrillic fonts for Linux console, X-windows and PostScript; keyboard drivers.

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