The teTeX Homepage

teTeX is a complete TeX distribution for UNIX compatible systems, maintained by me, * Thomas Esser. It is based on Karl Berry's Web2c distribution.

My main aims when putting this distribution together have been:

The directory structure of teTeX is based on the TeX Directory Structure standard (TDS: *ps,*dvi).

Getting teTeX

The easiest way to * download teTeX is to use the form given here.

teTeX can be installed using * recompiled binaries or by compiling it from the * sources. You might also be looking for *updates.

You can get the teTeX distribution via ftp from:

Mailing lists

There are two mailing-lists about teTeX available at tetex and tetex-announce. To subscribe, just send a mail containing the line

subscribe tetex MY NAME <my@email-adress>


subscribe tetex-announce MY NAME <my@email-adress>

to To access the * archive of the tetex list, you can use the WWW gateway given here.