Interesting TeX-related URLs

This is a list compiled by Sebastian Rahtz for the TeX Users Group. Thanks to Michel Goossens and Barbara Beeton for helping check it. More contributions welcome.

*Donald Knuth's home page

Donald E. Knuth wins the 1996 Kyoto Prize (the Japanese equivalent of the Nobel Prize). For more information visit the *Stanford Today page.

  1. National TeX Users Groups
  2. FAQ, documentation
  3. CTAN interfaces
  4. Free or shareware TeX implementations
  5. Commercial TeX vendors
  6. Packages and programs
  7. Projects
  8. Publications
  9. Publishers
  10. Miscellaneous
  11. Related text-processing

FAQ, documentation

* Frequently Asked Questions(prepared by the UK TeX Users Group)
*The LaTeX Navigator
*German FAQ from DANTE
* Information about TeX at UCC
David Jones' * TeXindex catalogue of TeX and LaTeX styles
* Hypertext Help with LaTeX
Online help for * Review of LaTeX Companion
Chris Biemesderfer's *LaTeX Command Summary
*TeX and LaTeX FAQ from Emory Univ
* Intro to LaTeX is from a short course at Rice Univ.
*Document Preparation with LaTeX comes from the Univ. of Sterling, UK
* Gregor von Laszewski's LaTeX page
*Reference cards for AMSTeX and Plain TeX by Joseph Silverman
Don't forget the newsgroup comp.text.tex
*AMS LaTeX Tutorial by Tom Scavo
*Word-processor to LaTeX convertors,a small FAQ maintained by Wilfried Hennings about converting word-processor packages to LaTeX
Fontname, a scheme by Karl Berry for naming TeX fonts

CTAN interfaces

*CTAN Search by Peter Flynn
*CTAN-Web Home Page
* Index of /tex-archive/ on
TeX and LaTeX Packages, a catalogue by Graham Williams, available in various places

Free or shareware TeX implementations

Web2c, Karl Berry's monumental and widely-used system for compiling all the important TeX software in C
teTeX, Thomas Esser's packaging of Web2c for many Unix systems
*OzTeX for the Macintosh, by Andrew Trevorrow
*CMacTeX for Macintosh, by Tom Kiffe
*NTeX (Linux TeX)
*TeXgX, a (shareware) adaptation by Jonathan Kew of TeX that can access the sophisticated features of GX fonts (such as automatic ligatures, contextual swashes, etc)

Commercial TeX vendors

*TCI Software Research
*Personal TeX Inc
*Y&Y Inc Home Page: TeX systems for Windows, also the makers of the Lucida families of PostScript fonts.
*Blue Sky Research
*True TeX
* general list of vendors (including some without Web connections)

Packages and programs

*The REVTeX package
Notes on PSTricks by Denis Girou (including bug list)
Notes on Seminar (LaTeX slides), by Denis Girou (including bug list and FAQ)
*Metapost, John Hobby's version of Metafont that makes EPS files
*AASTeX (Version 4.0 as of May 1995) (see also *AASTeX FAQ)
* XYpic, Kristoffer Rose and Ross Moore's graphics package, specialising in commutative diagrams
* AMS-TeX and AMS-LaTeX , the American Mathematical Society's TeX packages
* Harvard package for bibliographies in LaTeX, by Peter Williams
* EMTEXGI,a Windows interface for emTeX
*Eplain, Karl Berry's extended plain format
*EDMAC, Dominik Wujastyk and John Lavagnino's package for typestting critical editions
*Excalibur, the Mac TeX-aware spell checker
*xdvi, Paul Vojta's widely-used X Windows TeX previewer
*dvips, Tom Rokicki's widely-used dvi to PostScript driver

TeX-related projects

*LaTeX 2e
*LaTeX bugs database:,a searchable back log of bugs and fixes
*LaTeX 3
*HyperTeX, conventions for TeX hypertext
*AUC-TeX, a sophisticated Emacs mode for TeX
*Omega, Unicode-based TeX
* The Hyperlatex package
* ASTER demo (spoken mathematics)
* LaTeX to HTML
* BibDB
* IBM Techexplorer Hypermedia Browser
*IDVI , Garth Dickie's WEB dvi browser in Java
*stepTeX, porting the famous NeXTStep TeX previewer
*xtem_TeXmenu, X11 GUI for TeX and LaTeX


*TeX-related bibibliographical collections maintained by Nelson Beebe
* Cahiers Gutenberg
* Italian TeX Journal


*American Institute of Physics (see REVTeX below)
*American Astronomical Society (see ASSTeX below)
*TeX and LaTeX Macros for astronomers from STScI


*Shyster, James Popple's case-based legal expert system which produces LaTeX output
* International Ispell, the sophisticated interactive spell checker that understands TeX markup
*Nelson Beebe's home page
*TeX crazy page
*Metafont --> GIF
* LaTeX in Portuguese
* block diagrams
* LaTeX highlighting in emacs

Related text-processing

Some pointers to the wider context (SGML etc):
* Michel Goossen's text-processing page
*SGML Web Page
* The Wider World of SGML on the Web
*WebEQ a Java Equation viewer
*A list of Typography, Calligraphy & Type-Related Books by Delve Withrington

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