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The TeX Users Group (TUG) was founded in 1980 to provide leadership for users of TeX, Donald Knuth's revolutionary typesetting system. It represents the interests of TeX users worldwide: if you use TeX in any of its forms, you should join TUG (see the Aims and Benefits).

A Message from the President

*Important Message to all Users of TeX from Donald Knuth.

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Events and projects

Calendar of Events

The 1997 TUG Election is upcoming and we would like to encourage all TUG members to participate. The terms of the TUG President and of 6 members of the Board of Directors expire as of the 1997 Annual Board Meeting, which will take place in conjunction with the 18th Annual TUG meeting to be held in July 1997 in San Francisco, California. Click here to obtain a * Nomination Form . For more information about the election deadlines, see a brief summary. For complete documention on the process, see the Election procedures.


TUG holds regular meetings in North America and Europe. The 1997 meeting will take place in San Francisco, California. The theme of this year's meeting is ``TeX Comes Home''. See the TUG'97 Web Pages for more information. We also welcome exhibitors and those who wish to conduct workshops in TeX-related topics.
If you would like to offer a site for a future meeting, please contact the TUG Office (


The Knuth Scholarship is awarded each year for the best original project using TeX developed by a non-technical user. The award consists of an expenses-paid (not to exceed $2000) trip to the next annual meeting.

TeX Archives, Standards and Software

A TUG Technical Council working group defined a standard network archive for TeX software, the *Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN). This is a mirrored network of ftp servers at * and * which are *widely mirrored and hold up-to-date copies of all the public-domain versions of TeX, LaTeX, Metafont and ancillary programs.

TUG also helped to develop, and sells, a CDROM called TeX Live, which contains ready-to-run TeX systems for most types of Unix, and a very complete tree of fonts and macros arranged according to the standard TeX directory structure (TDS) created by a Technical Council working group. This will be updated regularly.

TeX material on the Web

We maintain a general list of URLs for TeX-related projects and software as the Secretary's List of interesting URLs

The TUG site also offers a home for useful WWW material about TeX, although we do not maintain or take responsibility for it, in the Applications area. We are very happy to extend this area to other pages.

Among projects we strongly encourage are:

For a look at the Access Statistics to these pages, click here.


TUG is democratic and is run by and for its members. Any member can stand for election to the Board of Directors. The office is run by the Executive Director, and there is an Executive Committee composed of the TUG officers. A wide range of other committees handle technical and administrative matters. TUG maintains close ties with other TeX user groups around the world.


How to join

Membership for 1997 is $60 a year for individuals ($40 for students) and institutional rates are $400 (which includes seven (7) individual memberships).

RENEW EARLY and get a discount.

When your payment is received BEFORE Feb. 28th 1997 the old prices of $55 (individual membership) $35 (student membership) and $350 (Institutional membership) will apply.

For additional information on products and services available through the TeX Users Group, please send e-mail to, or FAX your request to +1 - 415-982-8559.

You can also contact us via snail mail at

TeX Users Group
1850 Union Street Suite 1637
San Francisco, California 94123 USA

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