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Brief History of Networking (part 2)

1854 Silver and Zinc plates placed in mouth with wires

1866 Who is Joshua Copperfield and what is telephony anyway?

1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents "harmonic telegraphy"

1877 Bell Telephone Company grow to a 1000 phone network

1879 Numbers replace names at switching offices

1880 50,000 telephone lines in the US

1881 John Carty accidently hooked 2 wires between phones

1884 John's accident evolves to "unshielded twisted pair"

1890 Telephones now number 250,000 in the US

1915 (circa) First transcontinental phone call

1923 Bell rate structure contained 206 different local rates

1930 Telephone network outgrows telegraph network

Leap ahead to the digital years.

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