Brief History of Networking

1791 French "Optical Telegraph Network"

1799 "Optical Telegraph Network" code book with 25,392 entries

1800 "Optical Telegraph Network" maximum speed increases...

1850 Peak time for "Optical Telegraph Network"

1881 Demise of"Optical Telegraph Networks"

1881 "Electric Telegraph" proposed by Francis Ronalds in Britain

1824 Samuel Finely Breese Morse learns of electromagnetism.

1831 Joseph Henry demonstrates electromagnetic telegraph.

1837 Morse demonstrates the electric telegraph.

1837 Wheatstone and Cooke set up British electric telegraph.

1838 Morse demonstrates telegraph to US Congress.

1843 US Congress approves telegraph funding.

1844 US Capitol informed of nomination via telegraph.

1844 First "Official" Telegram

1845 American Morse Code becomes telegraph standard.

1845 Morse Magnetic Telegraph Company a success

1845 (June) Morse Magnetic Telegraph Company profits up

1845 (Oct) Morse Magnetic Telegraph Company profits up more

1848 15 year old Kentucky boy demos human "D-A" converter

1857 New fangled "mechanical devices" boost throughput

1861 First transcontinental link: New York to San Francisco

1873 Western Union assets grow to $40 Million

1886 Richard Sears sells watches via telegraph

Jump light years to the telephone years

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