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Red Hat Linux 4.1

The Official Red Hat Linux Users Guide

The Red Hat Development Team:

Donald Barnes

Marc Ewing

Michael Fulbright

Jeremy Hansen

Michael K. Johnson

Jim Knoble

Michael Maher

Hunter Matthews

Erik Troan

Red Hat Software, Inc.

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ISBN: 1-888172-65-7

Revision 4.1, January 1997.

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1 Quick Start

2 Installing Red Hat Linux/Intel

3 Installing Red Hat Linux/Alpha

4 Installing Red Hat Linux/SPARC

5 Post Installation Configuration

6 Finding Documentation

7 Package Management with RPM

8 Control Panel

9 Glint

10 System Administration

A Hardware Requirements

B Module parameters

C Metro X

D Intro to Alpha Systems and Processors

E Alpha Miniloader Howto

F Red Hat Linux Frequently Asked Questions

G Getting Technical Support

H Red Hat and Freely Distributable Software.

I Licenses

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