Linux Plug-and-Play Hardware Support

Updated February 15, 1997.


These pages focus on the on-going effort to add hardware resource (DMA, I/O, IRQ, memory) management to the Linux operating system. The Plug-and-Play hardware specifications produced by *Microsoft in co-operation with *Intel, *Phoenix, *Compaq, and others, are the basis for this project

The volunteer project leader is Andrew E. Mileski (

Anyone can submit patches, ideas, and comments to the mailing lists or directly to the project leader.

Please do not confuse the Linux distribution sold by *Yggdrasil called "Plug-and-Play Linux", with this project. They are two completely different things!

Though Red Hat Software does sponsor the Linux Plug-and-Play Hardware Support project by providing FREE web, FTP, and mailing list services, they do not have any claim to or stake in the project.

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