The JOLT People

Eric S. Raymond <>
Eric originally proposed the project in his Java-on-Linux HOWTO and volunteered to write the embeddable J-code interpreter, before we became aware of Tim Wilkinson's KAFFE. It seems we've done Eric out of the juicy coding job he originally anticipated, but he is willing to help finish all the unfinished pieces, coordinate the work, and do the JOLT project documentation. Eric's resume is available for inspection off his home page, *

Erik Troan <>
Erik took Eric up on the original proposal. found KAFFE and guavac, and has volunteered to clone the AWT library himself. Erik is co-maintainer of the superb Red Hat Linux distribution and of the sunsite Linux archive. Erik's home page: *

David Engberg <>
David is responsible for guavac, a freeware Java-to-J-code compiler in C++ currently in progress (there is a home page for guavac at * He is working on a Java-based environment for collaborative programming. He's willing to let us use guavac as JOLT's compiler stage. David's home page is *

Tim Wilkinson <>
Tim Wilkinson is the author of KAFFE, a beta implementation of a J-code interpreter. KAFFE doesn't yet have complete libraries attached, but it can parse and interpret elementary J-code. There is a KAFFE home page, * Tim is looking forward to some help filling out the AWT library stubs. Tim's home page: *

Guy Steele <>
Guy is on Sun's Java development team; he is tasked with making sure the Java specification is complete, correct, and precise. Guy has very few peers as a language designer, implementor and evaluator, having had a major hand in the development and specification of Common Lisp, Scheme, and several other languages. Because the reverse-engineering of JOLT should make an excellent test of the completeness/correctness/precision of the Java specification, Guy will liaise for us with the Java development team. Guy's resume: *
Besides these people, we would like to have a fifth to do systematic torture-testing and bug-tracking. Ideal candidates would have both strong interest in Java and access to multiple platforms for port testing (including Sparc and Alpha machines).

Eric initiated contact with the guavac and KAFFE developers and Sun, and has more history with the other key people than they do with each other, so he'll be doing whatever overall coordination is needed. (This probably won't be much; everyone so far involved is a volunteer and seems to be quite self-motivated and capable of managing his or her own time.)

Erik has volunteered to run the project web site, mailing list and code archive. He will probably manage the public releases.