JOLT Project Home Page

Java Open Language Toolkit

The JOLT project is aimed at providing a freely available and redistributble implementation of Sun's *Java language and tools. A more detailed manifesto is also available along with a short list of the people who started this nonsense.

To do this, we're using the following components.

  1. The *guavac compiler
  2. The kaffe bytecode interpretor
  3. A custom built class library

The latest and greatest versions of this software (packaged as RPMs) are available from the JOLT ftp archive, *

If you'd like to lend a hand on this project, please subscribe to the JOLT mailing list by sending a message with the subject of subscribe to:

As this has to be a clean room effort because of licensing concerns, please do not do this if you have seen or have access to the source code for Sun's Java implementation.

Related resources:

  1. Sun's Java Resources Page: *
  2. Java-on-Linux porting project:
  3. Local copy of the *Java API 1.0 specifiction