Perl Training

Looking for professional training in Perl? Perl Consulting Associates provides private, corporate training for substantially less than high-overhead training houses. Courses are arranged under one of the following arrangements:

  1. We come to your site, using your facilities for classroom and lab activities.
  2. You come to our locally-hosted courses in Colorado.
  3. Your user group or conference works with us to coordinate a public course for your event.

Instructor List

Don't settle for some corporate trainer who can't answer your question because they didn't actually develop the language or use Perl every day! The following instructors have over a decade of Unix experience each, plus 6-9 years of real-world Perl experience beyond that. Some are involved with the core perl development, documenation, and release effort. Tom and Randal are co-authors (with Larry Wall) for the 2nd edition of O'Reilly's Programming Perl book. There's no Perl question we can't answer!

Almost certainly, regardless of when you want to schedule a class, one or more of us will be available. Send mail to <> for details.

Small Colorado Courses

If you don't have enough students to have one of us come to your site, or if you would rather come to Boulder, Colorado for skiing, hiking, etc., *XOR Network Engineering hosts monthly courses on *Beginning Perl and *Advanced Perl. Beginning courses are help during odd-numbered months, advanced courses in even-numbered ones. Rates in that case differ, and are strictly on a per-student basis. See the links above.

Large Public courses

These are offered at various times in the year, but typically do not include any lab and usually run for just one or two days. The following open courses are scheduled at this time:
What:  Perl CGI Programming
Who:  Tom Christiansen
Where:  SANS Conference, Baltimore
When:  April 22, 1997

On-site Courses

Here are the details for the hands-on, site-delivered courses:
Hands-On courses
Up to 16 students: standard price (see below)
Additional students: standard price plus $250 per student per day to a maximum of 25 students
Lecture-only courses
Up to 16 students: standard price (see below)
Additional students: standard price plus $150 per student per day, no maximum.

Both ``standard'' courses and a collection of customizable course modules covering advanced topics are available.

  1. Intensive Beginning Perl for UNIX Programmers: 3 days (with lab) including the following topics:
    • General Perl Introduction
    • Data Types and Operators
    • Flow Control
    • Regular Expressions
    • I/O
    • Subroutines
    • Signals
  2. Perl Programming for the World Wide Web: 3 days (with lab); Only basic Perl and HTML skills needed. These topics are covered:
    • Server Configuration
    • Script Security
    • Data Security
    • Parsing HTML files
    • Browser Detection
    • Quick Overview of Object-Oriented Programming
    • Using existing Perl CGI and WWW library modules
    • Using Forms: text fields, textareas, password fields, image maps, listboxes, popup menus, radio boxes, checkboxes, hidden fields
    • Complete applications: parsing out and generating random links, navigating the web (spiders), sending mail, shopping carts, database access
  3. Advanced Perl with Lab: The normal, 3-day Advanced Course covers these topics, but other topics are also available:
    • Programming in the Large
      • References (pointers)
      • Complex data structures
      • Libraries and modules
      • Classes and object-oriented programming
    • Signal- and exception-handling
    • Mastering regular expressions
    • Binary data
    • DBM-style database access
    • Client-server programming with sockets


Prices are quoted as number of days of instruction plus T&E.

Within North America (United States and Canada), travel and expenses usually run approximately US$500-$1,000 for coach-class airfare, plus $200 per day of instruction to cover meals, hotel, rental car, etc. An extra day of expenses will be billed; e.g. a 3-day course would be charged for four days of expenses. Note that expenses are billed only as incurred, unless you prefer a contract that specifies a flat fee for expenses. A ``not-to-exceed'' clause is also acceptable.

While the base pricing for overseas courses is the same as for North American ones, the actual incurred expenses are customarily higher. Furthermore, business-class airfare plus two extra days of accommodations are required for overseas work.

Here is a sample domestic quote for five days of hands-on training for 16 people (in which you do materials reproduction):

Start up:  $1,000 (airfare, etc)
6 days @ $200 expenses:  $1,200 (hotel, car, meals, etc)
3-day beginning course:  $7,500
2-days of advanced course:  $5,000
TOTAL:$14,700 ($183.75/student/day)

Course Notes

Materials include copies of the transparencies used in the presentation, labs exercises, and answers. These will be provided electronically (via email or ftp) in postscript and HTML format. You are expected to reproduce these in hardcopy format for your students. If you prefer that we do the reproduction for you, the added cost is $100/student, plus shipping and handling.

Lab courses have specific but reasonable setup requirements, such as making available to the students the current version of Perl, providing access to the standard Perl documentation as man pages and/or HTML, etc.

Text Books

For Beginning Classes, each student should have a copy of Learning Perl from O'Reilly & Associates, plus there should be a few copies of Programming Perl for general use in the class. For Advanced Classes, Programming Perl is required.

If you do not have copies already, these text books (and any others in the blue O'Reilly Perl line) are available at a 25% discount off of the published prices in quantities of ten or above per title. (Shipping and handling is of course extra.)


Repeat customers booking many courses at once, customers who are within driving distance of an instructor's home, and various charity cases have been known to occasionally receive a discount. If you feel you qualify for one of these, it doesn't hurt to ask.

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