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Camelus dromedarius et Camelus bactrianus
A ship then new they built for him
of mithril and of elven glass...

* * * IMPORTANT NEWS * * *

Version 5.004 of perl has now entered beta. Here's the official notice.

General Overview

Perl News
Last update at Sat Mar 15 11:21:27 MST 1997.
*What is Perl?
Short description of what this perl thing is all about.
*What's New in Perl5?
Short summary of what's new in release 5 of perl.
Overview / Software / Resources / Training / Misc

Perl Software

Where to download the 5.003 interpreter and/or NEWcompiler source; the CPAN archive; the most useful modules.
Documentation in various forms, including various faqs and the NEW*Perl FAQ. A *book review section called Camel Critiques has been added.
How to get a corporate support contract for perl.
How to get professional training courses for perl.
*Bug Reports
The perl bugs database, including searching and submitting.
Overview / Software / Resources / Training / Misc

Other Resources

USENET newsgroups touching on perl.
*Mailing Lists
Various perl-related mailing lists.
*Related Sites
Links to other sites related to perl.
*The Perl Journal
Perl's own newsletter dedicated to Perl, now with *Obfuscated Perl Contest results.
NEW*The Perl Institute
A non-profit organization dedicated to making Perl more useful for everyone.
Overview / Software / Resources / Training / Misc

Flotsam & Jetsam

Perl versus the world
Security issues relating to Perl
*Who's Who?
Some of the more and less well-known folks in the Perl world according to the CPAN modules list.
Overview / Software / Resources / Training / Misc

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