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The following page contains information about PC vendors who sell pre-packaged Linux systems. This means you can order a complete computer with a Linux distribution pre-installed. Some will even install third party X Windows software such as *Accelerated X. If you know of any vendors not on this list, please email their details to

Vendor Description Mail Order?
*ASA Computers ASA Computers specializes in Linux server configurations and sell reasonably powerful systems at competitive prices. Unclear
*Atipa Computers Atipa computers offers an interactive system builder in which you can specify system characteristics and get a price quote. They offer a standard Linux installation with a system purchase and can install Accelerated X. Yes, UPS
*Central Computer Central Computer provides quite a few network oriented software and hardware solutions. They offer a unique product called the *Netrodyne Server, a *Caldera Linux based Internet server. They do not offer online shopping or inventory browsing. Unclear
*Lindsay Computer Systems Lindsay provides competively priced powerful workstations and file servers (e.g. Dual PPro). They will pre-install *Caldera Linux for a fee. They have an online catalog to browse their inventory. Yes, FedEX.
*Linux Hardware Solutions "LHS specializes in providing high-end Linux platforms based on the Intel and Digital Alpha families of processors." They will fully install and configure any Linux distribution you desire. Rather than provide an online catlaog, they prefer you email in a system spec for them to quote. Yes
*Netactive Netactive offers a wide variety of workstations and servers running "almost any distribution." Their prices are rather competitive. They carry a lot of hardware options and are devoted to creating quality Linux systems. Yes
*Net Express Net Express offers a wide variety of system configurations and will pre-install *Slackware, Red Hat, *Caldera, and even *Accelerated X. Their prices are reasonable and they also offer high end multi-processor systems as well. Yes, FedEx.
*Promo X Systems Promo X is a solutions provider for high end Network systems. They offer an online monthly catalog with extensive product listings and will install a variety of Linux software titles on any system. Unclear
*SWT Computers SWT offers a large selection of Linux powered systems including DEC ALPHAS. They also offer an interactive system calculator which will generate a real time price quote. Similarily, they will pre-install *Slackware, Red Hat, Debian, and *Accelerated X. Yes
*VA Research VA Research is the most Linux oriented of the vendors listed here. They maintain a large amount of Linux information in addition to there terrific selection of Linux workstations, servers, and laptops. Definately worth a look if you're interested in a high performance Linux system. They specialize in Red Hat installations. Yes

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