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If you would like to submit a benchmark result for your system to be displayed on Linux NOW!, follow these steps:


Get the benchmark suite you would like to run. The current results accepted by the archive are:

  • Byte Unix Benchmark program v3.11. This is a comprehensive benchamark that tests not only CPU speed but disk access and OS speed as well. It takes a rather long time to complete. Available for download from our ftp server: *bench.tgz.
  • Byte Native Mode Benchmark v2 Beta. This is a less comprehensive benchmark which tests only the integer and floating point performance of your system. Note that this is still the Beta release of the Linux version. Available for download from our ftp server: *nbench.tgz.
We recommend running the software on a machine with no users and no load, using the pre-compiled version. Experience has shown that compiling the software yourself causes performance decreases and by using the pre-compiled version, it creates a level playing field.


Edit the results file located here:

  • For the Byte Unix Benchmark, it's located in ./results/report.
  • For the Byte Native Mode Benchmark, it doesn't save a report file so you'll need to grab the results from the screen.
For consistency, please use the following template and place it at the beginning of the report file:
System:                     (indicate CPU type, speed, and MB type)
Submitted-by:               (email address you can be reached)
RAM:                        (total system RAM)
Disk:                       (make, model, & interface of primary disk)
Load:                       (any extra load your system was running)
Kernel:                     (version of kernel you are running)
Benchmark:                  (pre-compiled or self-compiled version, aout or ELF version)
Score-Average:              (your score)
If you submit a Byte Native Mode Benchmark result, please indicate both the INTEGER and FLOATING POINT averages in the template field "Score-Average". We have supplied a file named README.submit in the release for your reference.


Mail us the results! Please send the report file along with the template telling us about your system at the top of the file. The address for submissions is This address is also supplied in the distribution.

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