Linux Now

Here are the recent changes to Linux Now:

  • Wed Mar 12: Added an interactive rating system to the File Library. The rating system allows users to submit comments and a numerical rating of the quality of a software package!
  • Thu Mar 6: Added the GIMP to the Cool Downloads page.
  • Tue Mar 5: Added five new Linux vendors to the Linux System Vendors page.
  • Mon Mar 3: Updated the file library to reflect recent changes to the sunsite archive directory structure. Changed the description that appears next to files in the library to better describe what they are. Made the Linux Forum layout more readable.
  • Fri Feb 21: Changed the entry for QSpy in the Cool Downloads area from Beta version to release version 1.0.
  • Thu Feb 14: Added the Discussion Forum for general Linux topics and the Device Setup Help Forum to the Linux Forum. Enhanced the New Files area in the File Library to make it filter out listings more than 21 days old.
  • Web Feb 5: Completed the Linux Forum, a robust interactive knowledge base and discussion area. The forum contains 9 different categories of discussion and will automatically email a poster back if their posting gets a response.
  • Wed Jan 29: Added a beta version of the Documentation Archive. This will be a comprehensive, robust, searchable, browsable archive of all Linux documentation.
  • Sat Jan 25: Added support for the BYTE Unix Native Mode Benchmark suite to the Benchmark Archive. Added a section for these results as well as a discussion on the Submit Page discussing how to obtain and send in the results.
  • Wed Jan 22: Added a New files section to the File Library which lists those files which were added to the archive in the last month. Also keep an eye out for listings throughout the archive.
  • Wed Jan 22: Made the search routine in the File Library non case senstive. The search is still RegExp as well as AND. Plans are in the work to greatly extend the search options.
  • Wed Jan 22: Fixed an error in the File Library in which DNS and NFS Daemons were placed in the wrong category.
  • Wed Jan 22: Changed the entry for Linux Quake in the Cool Downloads area from v1.01 to v1.06.
  • Wed Jan 22: Added an entry for QSpy Beta 2 in the Cool Downloads area.
  • Tues Jan 21: Expanded the file library by 15 categories by adding a new kernels section. It includes a listing of kernel utilities, configuration programs, drivers, patches, and the lastest v2.1 and v2.0 kernel sources.

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