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Welcome to Linux NOW!
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Simply stated, Linux is the best operating system for power users running Intel based personal computers, DEC Alphas, SPARCs, Amigas, Atari Systems, and PowerPCs! Linux is a great alternative to Microsoft operating systems for users demanding stability, productivity, and a superior networked, programming environment.

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file library The most complete collection of file information for Linux source code and binaries. linux info Find out more about how Linux started, who develops it, and who is behind Linux NOW.
linux forum A discussion area for linux users to share information on an interactive Knowledge Base. howto & faqs A complete collection of Frequently Asked Questions and How-to documents related to Linux.
system benchmarks A database of Linux systems tested using the BYTE magazine Unix benchmark program. installation guide Detailed information on how to install Linux, including documentation, distributions, and hardware compatibility.
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This site is devoted to empowering current users by providing easy access to binaries and source code, Linux documentation, user based technical support, benchmark comparisons, as well as making it easier for new users to start running Linux, now.

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