Cool Downloads

The following files are some of the best downloads available for Linux today. If you have any suggestions for great files that aren't on this list, please mail them to

  Name Size Description
*Netscape Navigator v3.01 2283K Download the latest version of the best web browser for Linux from *Netscape.
*RealAudio Player v3.0 1070K *Realaudio now offers Linux ELF and a.out versions of its popular streaming audio player.
*GIMP v0.54 365K The ELF release of *The GIMP, a highly regarded graphics imaging program available for Linux and many other Unix platforms. It supports many color depths and comes with a hefty suite of manipulation tools for creating stunning graphics. Also available, *a.out version.
*Acrobat Reader v3.0 3586K Acrobat is the popular cross-platform document viewer for .pdf files from *Adobe. These files are considerably more flexible and powerful than HTML and make for higher quality online publications.
*Xearth v1.0 153K *Xearth will display in the root window a projection of the earth from any point in space showing an accurate representation of shading due to the sun.
*Linux Quake v1.06
(hold shift+button to download)
145K This is an ELF executable of the *Linux version of the popular first-person dungeon game from *ID. Other links: *Quake v1.01.
*QSpy v1.0 for Linux
(hold shift+button to download)
826K *Qspy is the widely used server locator for Quake. This is the *Linux release which incoportates some, but not all, of the features present in the Windoze version. Take a look at the *README before using it.
*Abuse v1.01 2076K From *Crack Dot Com, Abuse is a cool arcade style side-scrolling game for X and svgalib.
*Xemacs v19.14 15796K *XEmacs is a terrific version of the Emacs editor which offers extensions such as color-coded syntax highlighting, a button bar, etc. A great programming tool for X.

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