Linux SMP

Linux for shared memory multiprocessor machines.

The initial port was made possible thanks to

Multiprocessor Linux Kernel Development

Current Status

Linux 2.0 includes basic SMP support for Intel and Sun hardware. The only configuration I know is not supported is mixed 486SX and 486DX processors. This causes all sorts of awkward scheduling problems with floating point its better not to support it. Apart from that we should support all compliant boards. If not then report the problem and we'll try and get it fixed.

For information on the Sparc SMP see the SparcLinux home page hosted at Red Hat Software.

Mailing List

A mailing list exists for this project. Email with the text 'subscribe linux-smp' to join the list. An archive is maintained on the *LinuxNET mailing list archive site.

Hardware Needed

The current ix86 kernel supports Intel MP v1.1 and Intel MP v1.4 compliant motherboards with between 1 and 16 486/Pentium/Pentium Pro processors.

At the moment I am developing using a *Caldera provided ASUS P54PNIP4 motherboard with 16Mb of RAM. This has been deliberately loaded down with as much junk hardware for testing as I can lay my hands on.

With all of this lot in use the machine is solid.

* Also read Erich's status page

Known bugs/problems/unimplemented

And also see the README.SMP with the code and download the documentation in Andrew EZ format

Sample Output

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