Linux FTP Archive Sites

When downloading Linux material, especially large files, try and pick a site close to home. In paticular many vendors have mirrors that are not listed here, but are listed on their FTP title pages.

UK Archives

*Sunsite UK (Imperial College)
* (hosted at UWE)
*Higher Education National Software Archive
*Manchester Computer Center

Vendor Archives

*Caldera Network Desktop
*Debian Linux - Full distribution for free download
*Red Hat Linux - Full distribution for free download
*Yggdrasil Computing

Major Archive Sites

*FUNET FTP Archive
*Sunsite UNC
*MIT Archive

Definitive Kernel Tree

*Helsinki University

Software Indexes

*Linux Software For Scientists
*Scientific Software For Linux
*COMSIC - NASA technology transfer
*Linux in the Laboratory
*Midi and Sound Tools
*Parallel Processing
*Geographical Resources Analysis Support System
*Linux Applications and Utilities Lists
*The Linux Software Map (Searchable Index)

Other valuable resources

*Linux On Laptops
*Linux Problem Solving Page
*Running an ISP with Linux
*Linux for the disabled mailing list.
* A large collection of Linux web sites
*Xlopedia: Everything you need about X windows
*General Unix Security Documents

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