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The main archive of Linux documentation is written by the Linux DOC project and can be found here . This project generates manual pages, 'HOWTO' files - short summaries on setting up specific items, as well as full books one of which will shortly be released by O'Reilly. This page also contains links to linux resources world wide. There is a UK mirror of these in *Oxford.

Linux Journal is a monthly magazine for and about Linux carrying a wide range of Linux related articles as well as advertisements and Linux consultant lists.


A sample of some of the many books now available for Linux

  • 'The Linux Network Administrators Guide' by Olaf Kirch. O'Reilly & Assoc.
  • 'LINUX: From PC to Workstation' by Stefan Strobel & Thomas Uhl. Springer Verlag.
  • 'Using Linux' by Jack Tackett, Jr. Que. (includes CD).
  • 'Running Linux' by Welsh, Kaufman. O'Reilly & Assoc.
  • 'Linux Installation and Configuration' by Volkerding, Reichard, Johnson, MIS press.
  • 'The Web Server Book: Tools and Techniques for Building Your Own Internet Information Site' by Jonathan Magid, R. Douglas Matthews et al. Includes Slackware Linux on CD.
  • 'Linux World' by Lin Shan-Yang (in Chinese)- ISBN957-23-0243-4.
  • 'Inside Linux: A Look at Operating System Development' by Randolph Bentson - SSC


If you speak German there are a wide variety of Linux books available in that language. Two such links are *Lunetix and *this set.

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