Major Linux Distributions and Distributors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do many of the distributions seem to be based on a small number of other distributions.
A: Slackware, Red Hat and Debian distributions are all freely usable and extensible. As a result many vendors use these as a basis for value added items or put their own slant on the same work.

Q: How do I know a given program will run with a given distribution ?
A: Firstly all distributions should be following FSSTND (The Linux File System Standard). Secondly the "rpm" install system created by Red Hat is pretty much becoming a defacto standard, and can be freely used with other distributions too.

*Caldera Network Desktop

Caldera OpenLinux is designed for corporate commercial use. Caldera also sell Word Perfect, and additional commercial application bundles such as WABI and Corel Draw.

UK Resellers: Byte Electronic Services 0157-938-4072, *Lasermoon

*Craftworks Linux

Craftworks specialise in complete solutions, as well as producing the Craftworks Linux distribution and other Linux tools and packages.

Debian Linux

Debian Linux is almost unique now in that it has no specific commercial backer. Instead Debian is maintained by a team of volunteers in the same manner as the kernel and anyone can take the images and make Debian CD's freely.


Delix DLD is a Linux distribution targetted at the German market. They also sell a version of it together with CDE and AcceleratedX. They also provide German language support, a collection of archive CD's and a various commercial programs.


Infomagic produce large numbers of Linux archive CD sets from ftp archives and now their own "Infomagic Workgroup Server" release, based upon Red Hat Linux. Take a look at their catalogue for a good list.


Linux-FT was developed by Unifix Gmbh and Lasermoon as the first POSIX 1003.1 compliant Linux. It is now defunct. Lasermoon are working with Caldera, and Unifix now release the next generation of Linux-FT as 'Unifix Linux 2.0'


LST is a German Linux distribution with strong internationalisation support as well as the basis for the forthcoming new Caldera release.

*Pacific HiTech

Pacific HiTech release easy to install versions of the Red Hat and Slackware Linux systems. They also produce a monthly CD of new and interesting Linux packages as well as the current kernel trees.

Red Hat Software

Red Hat produce Linux CD distributions that are oriented around simple management and total upgradability. They are also vendors of Motif, archive collections and Applix for Linux.

UK Resellers: *IsleSoft, *TakeLap Systems, Interactive Ideas 0181-447-9288, Multimedia Experience 0170-621-0022 [Commercial sales only], ProSoft 01625-430-085, Software Shack 0167-546-2472


S.u.S.E produce a very comprehensive German language CD-ROM distribution and a collection of archive CD's. They also provide German language support and applications.

*Unifix Linux

Unifix Linux 2.0 is the successor to Linux-FT, the POSIX certified Linux product originally produced by Unifix and Lasermoon. Unifix Linux is Posix Certified and has an optional integrated Motif development kit.

*Walnut Creek

Authors of the "Official Slackware" CD-ROM. Slackware is also available as a free distribution over the Internet, but this CD comes with all the other Walnut Creek support.

UK Resellers: *IsleSoft

*Workgroup Solutions

Workgroup Solutions produce the Linux Pro distribution of Linux, as well as offering support contracts and producing Linux database software and tools.

*Yggdrasil Computing

Yggdrasil computing produce a wide range of Linux documentation and training material as well as their own Linux distribution and paid telephone support for all Linux problems.

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