Linux Mailing Lists

A number of mailing lists exist for the benefit of discussing various aspects of Linux and for developers and alpha/beta testers to coordinate/discuss their work on Linux.

Many of the mailing lists are served by the Majordomo mail server located at:

A listing of mailing lists that vger (as it is commonly referred to) serves can be found here:

vger mailing lists

This list is accurate as of the 4th April 1995. For help on how to subscribe to any of the mailing lists, send an email message to:
with the single word help in the body of the email message. The mailing list server wil then send back instructions on how to subscribe to the mailing lists it serves as well as provide instructions on the other commands it understands.

All of these mailing lists and many others are also distributed as a linux.* usenet news hierarchy. The introduction to the linux.* newsgroups is reproduced below:

Welcome To The Linux.* News Hierarchy

The linux.* news hierarchy is a set of gated mailing lists relevant to the Linux user community. They are typically very narrow in topic, and some, especially in the* and linux.act.* subhierarchies, are intended primarily for developers and alpha/beta-testers.

Please exercise judgement when posting. The gatewaying arrangement is conditional on continued high signal-to-noise ratio in these groups. If you are unsure about the appropriateness of a posting for the topic of a group, it probably does *not* belong in the linux.* hierarchy; consider posting instead to one of the mainstream comp.os.linux.* groups.

Unlike the standard USENET hierarchies, the linux.* groups are under central control. In case a user or site abuses the linux.* groups, actions will be taken. If conditions warrant, a site may have its feed removed, especially since the cost for tolerating anarchy might be the demise of the entire hierarchy.

As of the 4th April, the Linux.* news hierarchy consists of the following newsgroups.

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