The Linux Counter

The Linux Counter is an attempt to provide a lower bound on the number of people that are using Linux. Due to Linux being freely available, it is hard to estimate the size of the Linux community. The aim of the Linux counter is to encourage Linux users to voluntarily register themselves so that we can begin to estimate the size of the community. The counter is run by Harald Tveit Alvestrand in Norway.

Why do we need to estimate the size of the community? Providing solid figures on the size of the community helps convince third-party software developers of the growing market for Linux software products. By registering, you're indirectly helping the rest of the community. One more Linux user added to the counter means we can raise that minimum number of Linux users by one more and the more Linux users there are throughout the world, the better are our chances of seeing more software products and services available for Linux.

So how do I register?

There are three ways you can register. You can: For more information:

Thanks for registering.

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