Macmillan Digital Publishing USA and Red Hat Software forge relationship to bring product to retail

Indianapolis, Indiana--February 10, 1997--Macmillan Digital Publishing USA today announced their distribution alliance with Red Hat software, the leading Linux software development company, to bring the software title The Complete Red Hat Linux Operating System to retailers nationwide this month.

"As one of world's largest publishers of printed and digital computer resources," explained Douglas S. Bennett, President, Macmillan Digital Publishing USA, "Linux operators will benefit from Macmillan's reputation among retailers as a key provider of branded books and software products that customers request by name."

"Everyone at Red Hat Software is committed to this new partnership," said Robert Young, President, Red Hat Software. "Macmillan's reputation for publishing quality products in a time-sensitive manner, combined with their ability to penetrate supply channels, will give advanced technology users greater access to Red Hat products than previously available."

The Complete Red Hat Linux product will contain everything needed to install, configure and run Linux, the award-winning, next-generation operating system. Included are two CD-ROMs with the latest Red Hat 4.1 distribution. As an added benefit, RPM technology enables easy upgrades, thereby safeguarding the user's Red Hat Linux operating system from becoming outdated. Plus, hundreds of ready-to-run Linux programs and the X Window System graphical interface are included on the discs. Red Hat 4.0 was awarded Infoworld Magazine's "Best of 1996, Operating Systems" award.

The package also includes the 250-page Official Red Hat User's Guide and electronic versions of Linux System Administrator's Survival Guide, Red Hat Linux Unleashed and Apache Server Survival Guide, providing more than 2,000 pages of expert guidance that novice and experts need to master this sophisticated operating system. The Linux System Administrator's Survival Guide shows Linux users how to configure, optimize and enhance the power of Linux. Red Hat Linux Unleashed is a comprehensive reference for running the operating system, and the Apache Server Survival Guide teaches users how to run and trouble-shoot the most popular web server software--Apache.

Macmillan and Red Hat Forge Relationship

The Complete Red Hat Linux Operating System will be available at Egghead, CompUSA, Computer City and other retailers nationwide in early March. In addition, consumers can contact Macmillan Digital Publishing at * or call online sales at 1-800-760-6644 to order this and other Red Hat software products such as Red Hat's Motif for Linux, Applixware for Red Hat Linux, Common Desktop Environment, Red Hat Linux Power Tools and the Red Hat Linux Library.

Macmillan Digital Publishing (MDP) is the software and online division of Macmillan Publishing USA, the leading computer book publisher. Macmillan is the reference division of Simon & Schuster Inc. As the publishing operation of Viacom, Simon & Schuster is a world leader in multimedia, consumer, education, business, reference and international publishing. Viacom is one of the world's largest entertainment and publishing companies and is a leading force in nearly every segment of the international media marketplace. Other Viacom units include MTV Networks, Blockbuster Video and Paramount Pictures.

For the latest news and information about Macmillan Digital Publishing USA, visit * Products and names mentioned in this document are trademarks of their respective companies.


Jeanine Connolly
Public Relations Manager
Macmillan Digital Publishing USA
(317) 581-5801

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