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Linux International exists to help computer users. Just as the Linux operating system fits in with most kinds of computers without cost, so we at Linux International help Linux users and Linux itself without making a profit. The volunteers who created Linux are now joined by volunteers who specialize in promoting it. We know how good Linux is and want it to become an accepted competitor to products from even the largest computer companies.

But Linux International (LI) is much more than an advertising organisation. As well as promoting the existing advantages and compatibility of Linux, we have started and are coordinating development projects that will appeal to people around the world. We also coordinate donations from individuals and companies to the Linux developers.

Linux needs exposure as a robust, quality system. More software houses to port their software. More consulting companies to specialize in it. More developers working on it. More and larger users. People at the heart of Linux recognize that Linux International is able to achieve this.

We are focussed on these areas at the moment:

The Linux International Development Grant Fund

Linux International has set up a worldwide Development Fund. The goal of the Development Fund is simply to collect and distribute money to developers to help them in their work on Linux. The money is used to pay for things such as manuals, hardware, journal subscriptions and so on. Full details (and a donation form!) are available in the Development Fund document. EMail

Promoting Linux To Companies and Individuals

It is vital that more software and hardware developers be brought into Linux. We are campaigning to alert them to the maturity of Linux and the money-making potential it has for them. The media coverage we strive to get appeals not only to commercial enterprises but also to individuals.

So now you know about us at Linux International. The rest is up to the Linux community:

Further information on Linux International can be obtained from:

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The LI web server is mirrored at a number of sites around the world.

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