Mirroring Linux International

Thank you for your interest in mirroring the Linux International web document tree. Below is information that you may find helpful regarding mirroring. Please direct any questions you might have to web-admin@li.org.

The entire Linux International web document tree is available via anonymous FTP. To mirror the documents, configure your mirroring software to point to the following URL:


It is recommended that your mirroring software be executed once a day. Please note that the FTP server is located in the GMT -7 timezone. In the interest of bandwidth conservation and server resource utilization, try to avoid running your mirroring software during the site's working hours.

The entire document tree is approximately 40MB in size. The first time your mirroring software runs, it may retrieve every document. Keeping this in mind, consider the time of day that you do this.

We use a mirroring package called mirror for our internal mirroring needs.

It can be obtained at the following locations:

If you set up a mirror of our web document tree, we would love to hear from you. Also, we would very much like to add your site to our list of mirror sites. Please send mail to web-admin@li.org.

Again, thank you for your interest.

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