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Linux is a commercial-grade Unix in use all around the the world. It is as fast, reliable and secure as commercial offerings. Clearly, this free operating system built by hundreds of volunteers has been very sucessful to date.

Linux International was established to promote the development and use of Linux. This also makes us a bridge between the dedicated and skilled community of developers, and the general world of commerce and industry. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers, many of whom are high-profile Linux developers or activists. We draw on skills as diverse as accountants, graphics artists and language translators to get the message across.

Linux is a Commercial Opportunity

While it might seem contradictory to say that a free operating system is a commercial opportunity, in practice it works very well. People use Linux, and then buy supporting hardware, documentation and third-party software. They have the security of knowing that any operating system problems they have are far more likely to be solved quickly than that of any commercial vendor, simply because of the much larger research and development base. Users install Linux, take full advantage of the large amount of free software available - and then buy highly specific applications such as accounting, X-Windows or satellite tracking tools as required. The more users there are, the more software ported and hardware supported. It is a mutually satisfactory cycle, all based on a first-rate free operating system - and one whose natural user base is expanding all the time, as new CPU and networking architectures are added and support continues for even more hardware devices.

Linux International Gets Results

Booths at widely recognised exhibitions such as Open Systems World, Uniforum, Comdex and other shows around the world are examples of the kind of committment Linux International has shown. Besides being free advertising for any companies associated with Linux, this is a brand-building exercise. Similarly, the worldwide Linux Publicity Project is coordinated through Linux International, and is dedicated to producing up-to-date high quality promotional material. Through the Internet, the LPP has access to artistic, linguistic and multimedia talent that is beyond the reach of most individual companies. The Linux International Development Fund has been very carefully established and is now engaged in fairly funding specific projects to help Linux. As a general clearing-house for ideas and Linux-related contacts, we have smoothed the path for several products to come into being. We are particularly proud of the Linux International Accredited Work Experience Programme, where students get the chance to work in a team on real-life code under the supervision of experienced developers.

Linux International is International

We know that today the global IT market is the one that counts. That is why we encourage translation efforts as much as possible, and coordinate the Linux Internationalisation Project. This project is involved in harnessing the collective expertise of people all over the Internet to help make Linux attractive to people from non English-speaking cultures. We are able to pass on experience gained from trade shows to the people involved in any country. Our promotional material is designed to appeal to as many nationalities as possible.

The Corporate Membership Programme

Many of these activities are expensive - particularly things such as attending tradeshows and printing press-kits. We need help to continue and expand our efforts at helping the Linux community of vendors and users. A Corporate Membership is how your organisation can allow Linux International to continue to promote your products. Money generated by the programme will be directly applied to public Linux promotion. Money is strictly managed in the manner of the Linux Development Fund, so that everything can be accounted for. Natuarally, a membership entitles you to some special advantages.

The Corporate Member program offers a number of attractive benefits in return for a low membership fee of US$1,000 per year. Benefits include:

The Sponsoring Corporate Member program at US$5,000 per year offers a number of additional advantages. The Sponsoring Member benefits include: We believe that the membership program represents excellent value for money. You get unique marketing opportunities, and in addition help us expand your target market with our proven skills.

In addition, there is a non-voting membership at $500 per year which is more for companies that wish to be informed of Linux International's events and issues, but do not necessarily wish to be part of the decision making, voting, etc.

Further details on the Corporate Membership Programme can be obtained by sending EMail to:

Local User Group

The Local User Group (LUG) membership at $200 per year is a compromise between individual memberships (costly to maintain) and company-only sponsorship, which we felt was not in the spirit of Linux. A LUG is a group of one or more people geographically near each other. LUGs should be able to meet and share ideas as well as enthusiasm. LUG members should help each other and encourage non-Linux users to use Linux. LUGs are offered discounts on member companies products, presentation materials for meetings, and (whenever possible) speaker coordination for their meetings.

Membership subscriptions can also be arranged by sending EMail to the above address.

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