LI Corporate Members

A number of companies support Linux International in our efforts to promote Linux and the products available for it. They have become members in LI's corporate membership program which provides the non-profit LI with a means to continue to attend important industry tradeshows and utilise other promotional avenues.

Information on the Corporate Membership program is available.

Sponsoring Corporate Members

Corporate Members

Sponsoring Corporate Members

WorkGroup Solutions

WorkGroup Solutions logo

WorkGroup Solutions, Inc (WGS) operates the *Linux Shopping Mall on it's Linux based web server. The Linux Shopping Mall carries most products available for Linux. WGS publishes it as a catalog in both CD, and printed form. To be added to the mailing list, send mail to

WGS leading products are Linux Pro, FlagShip, WEBworx and X-Inside's Accellerated X server. After reviewing all popular Linux distributions, WGS chose to create the Linux Pro CD Set by enhancing the Red Hat Linux distribution. Linux Pro also includes The Linux Encyclopedia, a complete printed version of the ever popular LDP "Linux Documentation Project". FlagShip is a high end, professional development tool perfect for any business, or database oriented projects, and WEBworx is everything you need to set up a complete ISP (Internet Service Provider) including a Database Enabled Web Server.

For these, and many more great products, visit us soon!

More info can be found at *, mail: or via ftp: *

Red Hat Software

Red Hat Software logo

Makers of Red Hat Linux, a complete, robust, secure, and up-to-date Linux distribution available for Intel, Alpha and SPARC computers. Red Hat provides an extensive FTP archive including Red Hat Linux and other Linux-related software, a WWW site containing extensive information on Linux and Red Hat Linux -- including the entire Red Hat Linux Manual -- and many mailing lists for customers and other Red Hat Linux users. Red Hat Software also distributes many other Linux products, including ApplixWare for Red Hat Linux, the Red Hat Linux Library, the Dr. Linux compendium of printed Linux documentation, and the Red Hat Linux Archives.

For more information, see our web site at, call 1-888-RED-HAT1 or 1-919-572-6500, or or send email to


XiGraphics logo

XiGraphics offers Accelerated-X Server plus server enhancements. The sophisticated X Server supports over 356 different graphics adapters with complete accelerated drivers. The server enhancements include CDE, Motif, Multi-Head, OpenGL, and XAV. The Accelerated-X Server enables a broad range of graphic subsystems such as Actix, Alliance, ARK, AST, ATI, Avance Logic, Boca, Chips & Technologies, Cirrus Logic, Colorgraphics, Compaq, DEC, Dell, Diamond, ELSE, Everex, Genoa, Hercules, HP, IBM, IIT, Matrox, Metheus, Micronics, MIRO, Nth Graphics, NEC, #9, Oak, Orchid, Packard Bell, Pixelworks, Radius, Reveal, S3, Sigma, SPEA, STB, Toshiba, Trident, Tseng, Western Digital and Weitek. A wide range of technology products that permit maximum performance and utility are available from XiGraphics.

More information is available via www: *, ftp: * and email:

Caldera, Inc.

Caldera, Inc. logo

Caldera is built on the premise of leveraging the power of the Internet and the collaboration of partnerships to provide a commercial Linux solution that delivers robust functionality at an inexpensive price. The Caldera Network Desktop comprises several key technologies that make it viable for business: a cross-platform, enhanced Linux kernel; a full-featured graphical user interface; built-in networking for Internet and other IP networks; a full featured NetWare client and a commercial-grade back-up utility. Caldera has also announced they will port and deliver WordPerfect for UNIX 6.0 to Linux. WordPerfect 6.0 for Linux coupled with the Internet access capability of the Caldera Network Desktop, gives Caldera users the ability to author, publish, and browse Internet documents from their destop. And Caldera have also announced support for OpenDoc - the cross-platform component software standard.

More info is available via www: *, ftp: * and email:

Digital Equipment Corporation

Digital logo

Digital Equipment Corporation is a world-wide supplier of hardware for the Linux community. Digital's Intel and Alpha platforms, storage, networking and services, together with industry-focused solutions through business partners, help organizations compete and win in today's global marketplace. Digital is proud to be the first system vendor to join and support Linux International and the Linux development effort.

Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated

Yggdrasil logo

The first company ever to produce a free operating system CDROM, Yggdrasil today produces a broad line of Linux products and sells *technical support for all Linux users, even individuals.

Yggdrasil's most popular products include:

For more information, please visit our web site at *, or send email to

Metro Link

Metro Link Incorporated logo

Metro Link Incorporated produces Metro-X, an X Window System server and extensions used in Mission Critical environments such as the Space Shuttle, the Boeing 777 and military battlefield applications. Metro-X is our own X11R6 dynamically-loadable X server with a complete Motif-based graphical configuration. This configuration utility makes it simple to configure any card, monitor, /mouse, /touch-screen and multi-headed combinations.

X server extensions include Metro OpenGL, a complete implementation of SGI's OpenGL 3D libraries and extension; Metro-Media, real-time video in a window with support for hardware MPEG playback.

Metro Link also produces its own OSF-compliant port of OSF/Motif versions 1.2 and 2.0 for x86 and Alpha architectures. In fact with the release of Motif 1.2, Metro Link became the first company to sell commercial products for Linux. Metro Link looks forware to continuing its support of the Linux market by providing consistently reliable products.

More information and sample screen dumps are available on our *web server and from our automated email server.

Linux Hardware Solutions, Inc.

Linux Hardware Solutions logo

Linux Hardware Solutions specializes in providing high-end Linux platforms based on the Intel and Digital Alpha families of processors. From laptops to multi-processor servers we provide only the highest quality components with Linux installed and ready to run. Linux Hardware Solutions was conceived as a Linux vendor and exists primarily to serve the Linux market. Linux is and will always be our primary focus, components are selected for Linux compatibility first, other compatibility issues are secondary.

Call 1-888-LINUX-HW (546-8949) or sending email to or visit * for more information.

Corporate Members

Just Logic

Complete SQL database system for Linux. Complete development environment too. More info is available via email:

Tower Technology Corporation

TowerEiffel(TE), TE Booch Components & TE Motif Components. Power OO programming. More info is available at their web site: * or via email:

Linux Journal

Linux Journal is the magazine of the Linux community providing Linuxers with the latest news and feature-packed articles. More info is available via www: or via email:

H&L Software, Inc.

Ishmail - the cross-platform X11-based multimedia email reader/composer. Designed for the 90s and beyond. Powerful, flexible and easy to use. More info is available via www: * or via email:

Tech-X Consulting, Inc.

Tech-X Consulting, Inc. is an Intranet/extranet solutions provider to the distribution and medical industries. We believe all technology based, productivity enhancements should also provide increased adaptability.

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