the GIMP

*The GIMP (short for General Image Manipulation Program) written by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis is an excellent drawing tool. Its features are in general too numerous to mention, so these pages are aimed at drawing with the GIMP.

The images on this page were drawn completely within the GIMP. I recently acquired a Wacom drawing tablet and have been playing around to see what effects I can come up with.

I also drew up a Penguin with the GIMP as a Linux logo before I got the tablet. I have a description of some of the methods I used to create the Penguin available.


New features are being added to the GIMP on at a very rapid pace and as such it is difficult to list all the interesting places to find information. In an effort to minimize duplication I'll only list a few of the many excellent pages devoted to The GIMP.

For questions and assistance try looking at *GIMP Mailing List archives.


I intend to start work very soon on extending the GIMP to recognize X Input Extension (Xi) devices. This would allow the GIMP to take advantage of the extra input provided by extension devices (like my drawing tablet). I am also interested in working out an API for drawing plug-ins using shared libraries. Any one interested in working on either of these is encouraged to get in touch with me either on the GIMP Mailing List or *directly

Documentation on Xi is available from the X consortium at *

The *XFree86 Team has already added the server side Xi extensions to their latest Beta releases. Check the release notes available there for more information.

Pixie Drawing

*Larry Ewing <>