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Thanks to Jill and Professor Donald Knuth of Stanford University for their regular, substantial contributions, and to John Romkey for his very large contribution.

Thanks to *Networks On-Line for the donated 486DX2/66 (with network access and site administration) that runs on.

Thanks to all those mentioned in all the GNU's Bulletins.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Laboratory for Computer Science, and Project Athena all at MIT for their invaluable assistance.

Ulrich Drepper for invaluable work on the GNU C library; Erich Boyeln for working on Mach and a new boot loader; Shantanu Goel for working on Mach device drivers; and Kazumoto Kojima for porting the Hurd to the MIPS. Thanks to the many companies and organizations who have bought our Deluxe Distribution; to Simon Karpen, Scott Kay, Reuven Lerner, Chuck Campbell, Robert Lopez, Mike Miscevic, Timothy Mooney, Kay Nettle, Alan Schwartz, Jason Verch, and Karl Vogel for helping to build Deluxe Distributions; David Krikorian, James DuPrie, and David Caswell for helping test our MS-DOS CD; Peter Ford, Joan Quigley, and Douglas Alan for helping master GNU CDs;

For their help in Japan, thanks to: Nobuyuki Hikichi, Mieko Hikichi, Ken'ichi Handa, Prof. Masayuki Ida, Yukitoshi Fujimura, Prof. Takafumi Hayashi, Takeshi Hayashi, and Mr. Nakamura. Thanks to the Hewlett Packard Computer Users' Association in Japan for their quarterly donations. Thanks to the Nihon Sun Users Group and Hitachi, Ltd. for their generous contributions. Thanks to Addison-Wesley Publishers Japan Ltd., A.I. Soft, Village Center, Inc., ASCII Corporation, and many others in Japan, for their continued donations and support.

We thank those groups who have donated us booths at their conferences.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped the GNU Project at conferences; Barry Meikle of the University of Toronto Bookstore for donating ad space; Warren A. Hunt, Jr. and Computational Logic, Inc. for their continued donations and support; to Cygnus Solutions for helping the GNU Project in many ways.

Thanks to all who have lent or donated machines, including: the Open Software Foundation for two 386s; Tadashi Kobayashi of Toshiba Corporation and Shinichi Mochizuki of Toshiba America for a T4850 notebook computer; Cygnus Solutions for a SPARCstation; Delta Microsystems for an Exabyte tape drive; an anonymous donor for a 4mm DAT cartridge drive; Concentra, Inc. for four HP workstations; Network Computing Devices, Inc. for three NCD X-terminals; Russ Button for two SCSI disk drives; Simson Garfinkel for an NCD X-terminal; IBM Corp. for an Exabyte tape drive and an RS/6000; Hewlett-Packard for a dozen computers; CMU's Mach Project for a Sun-3/60; Intel Corp. for their 386 machine; NeXT for their workstation; MIT's Media Laboratory for an HP 68020; SONY Corp. and Software Research Associates, Inc., both of Tokyo, for three SONY News workstations; an anonymous donor for a Sun-3/280; Liant Software Corp. for 5 VT100s; several anonymous donors and Rocky Bernstein for IBM RT/PC hardware and manuals.

Thanks to all who have contributed ports and extensions, as well as all who have sent in other source code, documentation, and good bug reports.

Thanks to all those who sent money and offered other kinds of help.

Thanks to all those who support us by ordering t-shirts, manuals, reference cards, distribution CD-ROMs, and Books with CD-ROMs.

The creation of this web site is our way of thanking all who have expressed interest in what we are doing.

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