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About the GNU Task List

Check with, for a possibly more current copy. You can also ftp it from a GNU FTP host in directory `/pub/gnu/tasks' - These files in different formats are available: `tasks.text', `tasks.texi', `', and `tasks.dvi'. It is also available on the GNU World Wide Web server: `'.

If you start working steadily on a project, please let gnu@prep know. We might have information that could help you; we'd also like to send you the GNU coding standards.

Because of the natural tendency for most volunteers to write programming tools or programming languages, we have a comparative shortage of applications useful for non-programmer users. Therefore, we ask you to consider writing such a program.

In general, a new program that does a completely new job advances the GNU project more than an improvement to an existing program.


We very urgently need documentation for some parts of the system that already exist or will exist very soon:

Unix-Related Projects

Kernel-Related Projects

Extensions to Existing GNU Software

X Windows Projects

Other Projects

If you think of others that should be added, please send them to

Compilers for Other Batch Languages

Volunteers are needed to write parsers/front ends for languages such as Algol 60, Algol 68, PL/I, Cobol, Fortran 90, or whatever, to be used with the code generation phases of the GNU C compiler. (C, C++, and Objective-C are done; Fortran 77 is mostly done; Ada, Pascal, and Java are being worked on.)

You can get the status of the Fortran front end with this command:

finger -l

Games and Recreations

Video-oriented games that work with the X window system.

We do not need rogue, as we have hack.

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