The Deluxe Distribution

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The Free Software Foundation offers a service called the Deluxe Distribution. For five thousand dollars, we compile all the GNU software for your choice of computing platform. Then we send you the binaries together with the sources. The Deluxe Distribution also includes all our CD-ROMs, our printed manuals and reference cards, and six GNU T-shirts (your choice of available sizes and colors).

If your office uses GNU software a great deal, and you feel it is appropriate for the office to give the GNU Project a substantial contribution in return, ordering a Deluxe Distribution is a good way of doing it. It is also a convenient way of getting all the GNU software built for your machine.

Building a Deluxe Distribution does not include porting programs to a platform that they do not support. However, when we run across minor portability problems and compilation errors for a platform that is supposed to be supported, we generally fix them so we can produce a binary.

Because of the value received, the payment for the Deluxe Distribution is not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution; however, it would normally qualify as a business expense when the order comes from a business.

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