The GNU Art Gallery

 [Gnu and Blaise Pascal - small] (jpeg 4k) (jpeg 59k) *no gifs due to patent problems.

Beside the Art on these GNU Web pages, we at the GNU Project have the Art:

GNU Art on this Site

Please note the graphic style guidelines (12k characters) used in designing and illustrating this site.

Table of Contents

A GNU Head

 [small GNU head] (jpeg 7k)  [large GNU head] (jpeg 21k)

A Typing GNU Hacker

 [small Typing GNU Hacker] (jpeg 7k)  [large Typing GNU Hacker] (jpeg 19k)

What's GNU

 [What's GNU - small] (jpeg 8k)  [What's GNU - large] (jpeg 21k)


Designed by the FSF staff for the 1996 GNU T-shirt:

 [USE `GNU - small] (jpeg 6k)  [USE `GNU - large] (jpeg 17k)

Baby GNU

 [small Baby GNU] (jpeg 6k)  [large Baby GNU] (jpeg 10k)

GNU Icons

 [Head of a GNU in 3/4 Profile Icon] (xbm 3k)  [Torso of a GNU in 3/4 Profile Icon] (xbm 4k)  [Standing GNU in 3/4 Profile Icon] (xbm 5k)

GNU and Blaise Pascal

The *GNU Pascal art drawn by Markus Gerwinski <>:

 [Gnu and Blaise Pascal - small] (jpeg 4k)

 [Gnu and Blaise Pascal - large] (jpeg 61)

A Hurd Logo

 [a Hurd logo - small] (jpeg 2k)  [a Hurd logo - large] (jpeg 8k)

An FSF Logo

We thank Shawn Ewald <> for designing these FSF logos. He prefers the one with the black background, so we use that on the FSF page.

 [an FSF logo on black] (jpeg 8k)  [an FSF logo on white] (jpeg 6k)

*No gifs due to patent problems.

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