GNU's Bulletin

The GNU's Bulletin is published twice a year by the Free Software Foundation. It contains a status report and news of the GNU Project; news about other freely redistributable software, texts, etc; and news that interest those concerned about free software.

Please note that there is no postal mailing list for the GNU's Bulletin. To get a copy on paper, send your name and address with your request to the address on GNU's home page. Enclosing $0.78 in U.S. Postage and/or a donation of a few dollars is appreciated but not required. If you're from outside the USA, sending a mailing label and enough International Reply Coupons for a package of about 100 grams is appreciated but not required. (Including a few extra International Reply Coupons for copying costs is also appreciated.)

The GNU's Bulletin is mailed to our mailing list (50k characters): and posted on the gnUSENET newsgroup (50k characters): gnu.announce.

These GNU's Bulletins are available in this web server (as ASCII text only, as of now):

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