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Linking with a mix of shared and static libraries

By default, the linker will link against the shared libraries if they are available. But -Bdynamic and -Bstatic provides finer control of which library, shared or static should searched for each library specified for the linker. The library search option is toggled by each -Bdynamic or -Bstatic:

# ld ... -Bstatic -lfoo -Bdynamic -lbar ....

This command tells the linker to search the static library for libfoo, and search the shared version for libbar and any libraries after it until a -Bstatic is seen.

To pass the -Bdynamic and -Bstatic options to the linker, one needs to do

# gcc -o main main.o -Wl,-Bstatic -lfoo -Wl,-Bdynamic -lbar

Since the gcc driver calls the linker with some default libraries,

# gcc -o main main.o -Wl,-Bstatic

tells the linker to use the static versions for all default libraries like libc and etc.

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