Supporting Lynx users

The University of Kansas did maintain two support groups and for a period of time, before funding for Lynx stopped. Currently both of those addresses will return a form-letter asking you to look at this site for more information. Feel free to browse through the resources linked to on these pages. The essential guide though, is the Lynx Help pages, complete and up to date.

A variety of resources that may be useful to Lynx users are found on the web, some of them are linked to here:

In addition, the *Lynx-Learners mailing list can be a useful resource. The list is composed to new and experienced users of Lynx and the members try to help one another out with problems they might be having. A significant number of people on the list are visually impaired, and you may be able to get information on enabling technologies and Lynx from the list.

Legitimate bug reports should be sent to, the Lynx Development mailing-list. The people on that mailing list are very familiar with Lynx and should be able to answer your question. As for lynx-help, we suspect the help menus for Lynx will answer most questions. Discussion is underway to set up a substitute for the If such a support group is put together it will most probably be composed entirely of volunteers. If you'd like to volunteer for such a project, or have any suggestions, please contact

DOS-Lynx has it's own discussion list, subscription requests should have the subject "SUBSCRIBE DOSLYNX-DEV <your name>" and should be addressed to

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