Can I run Lynx on my OS?

Numerous people ask this question on lynx-dev periodically. This page is an attempt to answer some of the questions and direct you to the resident Lynx-genius for a particular platform in case you're having trouble. Most of us will try to be helpful, but please be considerate when asking questions.

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There is a Lynx port for Amiga which seems to be quite successful. ALynx 1.29 is the most current version and is based on a port of Lynx2.4-FM. From all acounts, ALynx runs on Amiga without any major problems. More information is available at the *Amiga Lynx pages.


Atari users have been able to build Lynx on their machines.


Wayne Buttles has made available a port of Lynx 2.7 to Win32 at *, there is a patch and an executable, this appears to work in Windows95.

DJ Delorie recently reported that *Lynx 2.6 was successfully ported to *DJGPP (MS-DOS only) and that you could get the port from * There has been a great deal of excitement over this in various newsgroups. Most users have had positive results, here's one of the *success stories.

DOS-Lynx is a completely different browser that runs on DOS. It has it's own development list called DOSLynx-dev. You can subscribe to it by sending a message to with SUBSCRIBE DOSLYNX-DEV <YOUR NAME> in the message body.

Those interested in the future development of DOSLynx might wish to contact Wayne Buttles <> directly. Most questions/queries should be sent to the DOSLynx-Dev list though. Wayne's most recent *statement on the feasability of making a Lynx binary for DOS elucidates some issues. It seems as if a DOS version of Lynx itself (not DOSLynx) would require at least a 386 to run/compile on. Someone else is working on this and *their statement on the progress being made is archived as well. Meanwhile, we hear that Lynx 2.5 has successfully been ported to *GNU-WIN32 by Sergey Okhaskin <>.

The *DOS-Lynx page at UKans has some useful info about DOS-Lynx. *F-DISK's DOS-Internet page has information on using DOS to get to general network services, including the web. The F-DISK page is maintained by Wayne. You might also want to consider using *Bobcat which is an alternative text browser for DOS.


It's reportedly easy to build Lynx for mklinux, just use the linux-ncurses argument for make (but you must have ncurses installed). There's a binary available through LYBiDO

There is an executable of lynx 2.5 for mklinux available from * In addition, it may be possible that someone has compiled Lynx on MachTen (Unix for the MAC) but we haven't heard about it yet. David Kammer recently *enquired about porting Lynx for the Mac

There is a version of Lynx ported to the PowerPC running *BE's Be Operating Systems. BeOS is shipping with Mac clones as of early 1997. The Lynx port was accomplished by John Jeffy Lin <> and more information can be found at *BE's BeWare: Communications page.


There is a Lynx port for OS/2 available, more information is available from * The port was accomplished by *Derek Decker <>


We have heard of one success story as far as compiling the Unix/VMS distribution of Lynx on an OS-9 machine goes. The modifications made were quite comprehensive though, and the person who made them decided not to submit them for inclusion into the generic Unix/VMS distribution. For more information contact "Scott McGee (Personal)" <>.


Lynx runs on most *ix operating systems without a problem. *Tips on Lynx and Linux are provided by Duncan Hill. The Lynx 2.7 distribution should compile out of the box for the following flavours (output of 'make' without any arguments):

Please run make with one of the following arguments
aix4       -- for RS/6000 running AIX 4.n and some 3.2
aix32      -- for RS/6000 running AIX 3.2
aix31      -- for RS/6000 running AIX 3.1 with curses bug
apollo     -- apollo systems (untested)
bsdi       -- BSD Interactive
bsdi-ncurses -- BSD/OS(v2.0 or later) using ncurses(v1.9.4 or later) package.
clix       -- for Intergraph CLIX
convex     -- for Convex C-series
convex-ncurses -- for Convex C-series with ncurses package
dgux       -- for DGUX 
freebsd    -- for FreeBSD
freebsd-ncurses -- for FreeBSD using ncurses package
freebsd-slang -- for FreeBSD with color slang package
generic    -- for generic UNIX
isc        -- for Interactive Machines (untested)
linux      -- for PC linux
linux-ncurses -- for PC linux using ncurses package
linux-slang -- for linux with color slang package
mips       -- for MIPS, svr3/bsd flavour (untested)
netbsd     -- for NetBSD
netbsd-ncurses -- for NetBSD using ncurses package
news       -- for SONY NEWS-OS 4.2.1R
news-ncurses -- for SONY NEWS-OS 4.2.1R using ncurses package
news-slang -- for SONY NEWS-OS 4.2.1R with color slang package
next       -- for NeXT OS
next-ncurses  -- for NeXT OS using ncurses package
osf        -- for Alpha OSF/1
osf-slang  -- for Alpha OSF/1 with color slang package
ptx        -- for Sequent's DYNIX/ptx, version 4, (current version)
ptx-slang  -- for Sequent's DYNIX/ptx, version 4, with color slang package
ptx        -- for Sequent's DYNIX/ptx, current version
ptx2       -- for Sequent's DYNIX/ptx, version 2
riscos     -- Control Data Unix machine running EP/IX
sco        -- for SCO machines
sco5       -- for SCO OpenServer Release 5 machines
sgi        -- for SGI machines
sun3       -- for SUN 3 OS with System V curses
sun4       -- for SUN 4 OS with System V curses
sun4-ncurses -- for SUN 4 OS using ncurses package
sun4-pure  -- for SUN 4 OS with PURIFY and System V curses
sun4-slang -- for SUN 4 OS with color slang package
svr4       -- for SVR4
snake      -- for HP-UX lt 9.01 (gcc)
snake2     -- for HP-UX gte 9.01 (gcc)
snake2-slang -- for HP-UX gte 9.01 (gcc) with color slang
snake3     -- for HP-UX (purchased compiler)
snake3-slang -- for HP-UX (purchased compiler) with color slang
solaris2   -- for solaris 2.x
solaris2cc -- for Solaris 2.x using Sun's unbundled C compiler
solaris2-slang -- for Solaris 2 and color slang package
solaris2-slangcc -- for Solaris 2 slang using Sun's unbundled C compiler
ultrix     -- for DEC Ultrix
decstation -- for DEC Ultrix (same as ultrix)
ultrix-slang     -- for DEC Ultrix and color slang package
decstation-slang -- for DEC Ultrix and color slang (same as ultrix-slang)
umaxv   -- for Encore's UMAXV (SVR3.x) 
umaxv-slang   -- for Encore's UMAXV and color slang package
unixware   -- for Novell's Unixware
univell    -- for Novell's Unixware
unixware-slang -- for Unixware and color slang package
univell-slang  -- for Unixware and color slang package

There are known problems with compiling for certain hardware/software combinations. If you are having trouble compiling, or trouble running the Lynx executable immediately after compiling it, please read the PROBLEMS file that came with the distribution. The *PROBLEMS file for Lynx 2.7 is available here. Don't forget to take a look at the *Lynx FAQ as well. If you can't find a solution in either of these places, feel free to send e-mail to with a complete, detailed descripton of your woes.


Lynx 2.7 will compile for VMS with DECC, VAXC, or Pat Rankin's VMS port of GNUC, on AXPen or VAXen, and any of the TCP-IP agents for VMS (including MultiNet, UCX, TCPware, SOCKETSHR_TCP, CMU_TCP and WIN_TCP).

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