Patches to add particular functionality

The following is a list of patches that can be used with Lynx to add certain functionality that is not present in the stock source code. These patches have been contributed by members of the Lynx community, it's difficult to attest to these patches' functionality but most patch authors have been willing to respond to questions and work out problems people might have implementing the patch. Contact the author of the patch if you have a problem with it. Please make sure you're applying the right patch to the right version of Lynx, it will save you a lot of grief. Also keep in mind that it is wiser to d'ownload a patch than to p'rint it since d'ownloading preserves such things as tab characters. You can find a link to d'ownload by going to the history page, generally the BACKSPACE key will take you there.

Autoconf patch to ease installation on multiple systems
More information on this patch is available at * (2.6-FM only)

Tim Dickey and Jim Spath are also working on an autoconf script to be added to future Lynx distributions. More at * their patches are at *

Klaus' chracter translation patches
More info on how Klaus' patches attempt to map document charsets to display charsets and the patches themselves can be found at *
The generic Lynx distribution does not contain SSL capability due to the US restrictions on the free distribution of cryptographic software. It is, however, trivial to add SSL capability to Lynx using a https proxy (defined in lynx.cfg). Similarly, SSL can be built into the Lynx binary as well. * contains a Lynx 2.7 with SSL distribution. The proxy code is available from: * Where the file *eassl0.6.tgz contains the proxy itself, and *edssl0.6.tgz contains the whole kaboodle (lynx, server, netscape security enhancements). Look in * for Linux binaries. is located in the Netherlands. The proxy uses SSLeay, which is available at * (presumably the lynx distribution will soon appear here as well).
Forms based uploads
* is where you can get the patch that will allow you to use a form to upload text files to a server -- Bae Young Hyun <>
Bela's patch to turn URLs in info page into links
* to make links for URLs listed in information page (keystroke command '=' ) -- Bela Lubkin <>
Highlighting particular markup
Rob Partington's patch permits the user to alter Lynx's highlighting behaviour using the config file there's also a Linux binary at *
Patches for mouse support
Andrew Kuchling's patch to add mouse support to Lynx is at * Andrew also has various other patches, including one to make the links variable dynamically allocated.
Patches for Japanese users
A variety of patches that are of special interest to Japanese users of Lynx can be found at * Most patches are under the asis directory, of particular interest is *asis/LYMessages_ja.h at the same site, which provides Japanese versions of the messages Lynx displays to its users. Lynx has a *Japanese homepage which has an *English version as well.
SCO binaries
Bela Lubkin <> has produced a set of SCO binaries [ODT 3.0, OpenServer Release 5, UnixWare 2.1], based on the 2-5FM source set of 07-12-96. These have been scattered various places around SCO's web site, including:

* (files tls?45*)

These probably don't qualify as "patches" per se, but they do provide an option for those who aren't happy with Lynx's table formatting. From various notes Foteos has written on Lynx-Dev, it appears that better table handling for Lynx won't happen until there's a major re-write which in turn does not appear to be in the near future. In any case, these are CGI scripts that'll preformat table output for Lynx. Those who want to play around with Lynx's table handling would be wise to consult Fote's post on this topic, archived at *
Imagemap solutions
Modified imagemap.c file to make lynx accessible "imagemap menus". More information at *


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