Lynx 2.6

News flash: Lynx 2.7 is slated for official release on February 15, 1997. The new version will be based on the FM developmental codeset, the pre-release is available for testing from * There have been significant changes since Lynx 2.6. Along with various optimizations to the Lynx code, new functionality includes support for cookies (but not between sessions), support for multiple bookmark pages and correction of the "problem" with redirection in response to POSTs . A memory allocation bug has been corrected, which should result in more efficient use of system resources, see *Fote's note on this subject. For complete details see the *hyper-linked CHANGES file provided by Joseph Kincaid.

Lynx 2.6 was released by Foteos Macrides on September 2, 1996. Foteos has been co-ordinating Lynx Development since the release of Lynx2-4. Lynx is being updated constantly by a diligent group of developers on the Lynx-Dev mailing list (I don't do any programming myself). Further development of the Lynx code will continue (though Foteos himself will not be maintaining the daily code sets, Rob Partington will take on this responsibility) and users can expect to see 2.7 in the near future.

Some *documents from the lynx 2.6 distribution are archived at this site, they include copies of the default lynx.cfg file, lynx.hlp, CHANGES, PROBLEMS etc. They are of interest to anyone who wishes to install Lynx and users interested in knowing more about how they can use Lynx effectively.

Lynx 2.6 represents the efforts of the entire Lynx community at maintaining a valuable tool while the Web develops. Lynx 2.6 has significant advantages over older versions, some of my favourite changes are:

For more details see the Lynx 2.6 *CHANGES file.


POST redirects

Versions up until Lynx 2.6 when encountering a redirect in response to a POST (i.e. a code 302 'Moved temporarily') would issue a GET request for the Location specified. In 2.6, to conform to the HTTP 1.0 specs, this was changed and the user was now asked whether or not they wanted their POST content redirected. Unfortunately, this broke all the non-compliant CGI-scripts out there that were using 302 to redirect the user to a static page. This is fixed in Lynx 2.7, the user now sees a status-line menu, the options are P)roceed, see U)rl, use G)et, C)ancel. Using G)et will make those non-compliant scripts work. For details, see the POST redirect section in 'Why does Lynx...?.

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