Your ISP, your Lynx

This report is intended to provide a guide to to the Lynx user community, as to how well or how badly their ISP measures up wheen it comes to providing Lynx support. If you don't find your ISP listed here, send mail to letting us know which version of Lynx the ISP makes available, an URL for their website, the list you think they should be in, and any additional notes concerning the level of Lynx support they provide.

Check out the Public Lynx page. You can often telnet into a site to use a newer version of Lynx than your ISP provides. You might also want to consider making your own copy of Lynx, perhaps even running it on a Linux system at home. We also have a set of tips and tricks on getting your ISP to upgrade.

The Lists

The ISPs we want to heckle


The ISPs we want to hug


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