Information about Lynx Development

Lynx's last official release is version 2.7, developmental code was built daily and had an FM suffix. Development will continue and it is anticipated that the next release will be 3.0, which will have significant code changes.

At this point in time, the development of 2.8/3.0 is in pre-planning stage with a lot of ideas floating around. Fote is finally taking a long overdue vacation (after an uninterrupted stint of 2.5 years as coordinator) and others have come ahead to work/plan on various things which range from integrating libwww5, real table support, incorporating the Windows port into the Lynx distribution, setting up an autoconfigure package, style sheet support. It's as exciting a time as any. You can find a *rough sketch of future Lynx development plans which is provided by Andrew Kuchling.

The patches page lists various patch sets maintained by Lynx Developers.

*A crude LYNX tutorial is a guide to using Lynx that complements the current help menus for Lynx.

One of the best places to learn more about Lynx's history is the *About Lynx page at the *University of Kansas. If you have questions about Lynx, take a look at the *FAQ. A lot of discussion on the future of Lynx takes place on the Lynx Development mailing list and most of it is recorded in the *lynx-dev archives

DOS-Lynx has its own development list. Subscription requests should be addressed to and have as the subject "SUBSCRIBE DOSLYNX-DEV <your name>". While you're at it, take a look at the *DOS-Lynx page at UKans and *F-DISK's DOS-Internet page which contains general information on DOS and networking.

There are many people who have worked with and improved upon the Lynx source over the years. The initial team at UKansas turned Lynx into a complete web browser and the task of updating it was then taken over by volunteers on lynx-dev. Foteos Macrides <> co-ordinated the Lynx project between 2.3.1 and 2.7 (September 1994 and February 1997). Various people on lynx-dev work to implement new features into Lynx and these changes are incorporated into a developmental code-set almost daily. This code-set is freely available to those who wish to test and comment on the changes and the direction being taken by the developers. The lynx-dev mailing list is the primary forum for such discussion.


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