LYnx BInary Distribution Outlet (LYBIDO)

This is an index of Lynx binaries made available to users. Since Lynx is no longer fully supported at U Kansas, we've lacked a binary distribution for the latest release versions. This index is an attempt to provide a service similar to the UKans binaries. The binaries linked to here have been provided by members of the Lynx Development list. In most cases I trust these people and would run these binaries on my own system, but there are certain security issues that arise when using a binary compiled by someone else. For most system-wide installations we highly recommend using the source code to compile your own executable. You can get the source code from these locations If you wish to contribute binaries or have them indexed here, please read these directions for inclusion in a binary distribution

Binary distribution sites

Binaries for older Lynxes are available from:

Binaries we would like to have: (2.7 please)

Directions for inclusion in Binary distribution initiative

There are essentially two distribution methods. The first is for the distribution of stable, release version (plus stable bug fixes) binaries. These are made available from the binary distribution sites. If you have a binary of the latest release version and would like to make it available, send mail to and we can make arrangements to get that binary to me. I prefer to gziped/zipped files and strongly recommend providing a separate PGP signature certificate. You will be credited in the README file in the directory.

The second option provides for the distribution of binaries compiled from developmental code, which may be changed often. The contributor should arrange for web/ftp space for these binaries themself. This way, the person providing the binary can keep updating it, recompiling every so often. If you wish to get your developmental-code binary listed here, send mail to

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