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NOTE: If this page shows up whenever you start Lynx, contact your system administrator and ask them to modify the system wide lynx.cfg to point to a resource that is more useful to the average user (preferably one which is local). Meanwhile, I've provided a set of basic links that will be of interest to all users under the title General Web resources: starting points for web exploration.

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Getting Lynx sources and binaries

The latest release is Lynx version 2.7 Some details concerning Lynx 2.7 (including new features) are explored on the new release page. Lynx 2.7 is distributed under the GNU Public License, please read the *RELEASE_STATEMENT. The Lynx Source distribution page has links to sites which carry the Lynx source code. The LYnx BInary Distribution Outlet (LYBIDO) lists Lynx binaries made available to lynx users.

Of Interest to Lynx Users

Resources for developers, system administrators and web authors


Get Lynx 2.7 Now! This page is Lynx Enhanced and proud of it.

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