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2 Jax: Scanner Generator

Jax is a java lex compiler that generates scanners from regular expressions embedded in a skeleton java file. Jax processes these regular expressions and generates a java file that can be compiled to create the scanner. Scanners generated by jax have arbitrary sized input buffers, and are atleast more convenient to create than tweaking StreamTokenizer. Jax handles only 7 bit ascii characters, and does not handle Unicode. Also, jax is not [f]lex, and in particular, does not permit defining macros or context dependent expression matching. Also check out * JavaLex, which is another lex compiler for Java with a lex like syntax.

Jax is alpha code, and all I know for sure is that its scanner (written in Jax) regenerates itself identically. Jax is freely available with source and can be used/modified/sold/thrown into the great bit bucket in the sky with absolutely no restrictions -- just add a note somewhere saying where you got it from. Ok. On to the fun stuff.

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