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  This is v0.3 of a java bytecode assembler. Java bytecode can be generated either through a script which drives the assembler package, or directly accessing the assembler package from java. The assembler package is very simple, it attempts neither validation nor optimization of bytecode.

The scripting language is loosely based on scheme, and lets you generate bytecode through a verbose, unnecessarily parenthetical but reasonably useful language. I chose such an interface mostly because it is easy to parse and generate.

Also check out Jonathan Meyer's *Jasmin assembler which has a nice assembler-like syntax (and uses the jas package to generate code.)

The documentation here is sparse, and rather Unix centric. If there is interest, I'll flesh out the weak spots. The assembler has been restructured since the previous version, so be warned -- there are probably different holes now :-) If you mail me questions/bug reports/fixes, I'll add them as quickly as I can.

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