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Hashjava is a java package which obfuscates symbols in your bytecode, making it a little harder to decompile.
What's new


Jinstall is an application which packs a directory into a single class file, which can then be run as an application to unpack itself on another machine.


Jas is a java package to generate java bytecode. It includes a scheme like scripting language to drive the package and generate bytecode.


A list of some other java tools distributed free of charge.

Old tools

Previous java tools and designs I no longer maintain. Examine at your own risk.

Legalese: All tools on this site are available with source code at no charge, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Unless specifically stated otherwise (check the README included with all tools) they may be used, modified or included with no restrictions for both non-commercial and commercial use. These pages are maintained with Keith Orpen's *xref utility. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc.
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