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Java Based Products

With the release of the Java Developer's Kit 1.0.1/1.0.2 for Linux, a number of Java based products are now capable of running under Linux. Included below are links to any additional instructions neccessary to run them on your machine.

Whenever you select a package from this list, be sure to check the Java-Linux HOWTO for any additional information.

SunSoft Products

A replacement script neccessary to run the HotJava browser under linux.
Detailed *instructions on operating JavaSoft's Internet Server/Framework under Linux
The JDBC(tm) Database Access API. Linux based JDBC drivers are listed elsewhere in this document.
*The Java Workshop
A *replacement script to run the JWS for Solaris x86 under linux. In addition, there is a replacement Linux JDK-1.0.2pl2 * that supports the -jws flag when compiling. Note: debugging will not work under Linux.

BISS GmbH Products

The BISS-AWT Java Framework
*BISS-AWT is a free Java Framework/AWT replacement. The package is available from BISS GmbH and all Java-Linux mirror sites. BISS-AWT can be used in conjunction with Kaffe, a free JVM.

Marimba, Inc. Products (*

Http from (McLean, Virginia) Release 1.0

JDBC Drivers

*GWE Technologies
JDBC Driver for use with *mySQL are available from GWE Technologies Ltd.
*OpenLink Sofware
JDBC Drivers with linux support are available from OpenLink Software.
*Center for Imaginary Environments
JDBC Driver for use with *mSQL.

Private Projects

RXTX v0.500
A native method library and supporting classes for implementing serial communications with the Linux JDK 1.0.2. Available via HTTP from *
An extended, high performance Java compiler that makes provision for c++ features such as templates and operator overloading.

Created by Karl Asha,
Copyright 1996, 1997, Blackdown Consulting