Related Projects

The source code maintained by the Apache HTTP Server Project provides the basis for a number of interesting projects. This page summarises those projects and points you to places where you can find more information. The Apache Group encourages you to use the source code for your own projects and would like to hear about your successes.


Apache-SSL is an encrypting web server, based on Apache and SSLeay, which implements *Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) functionality as a set of patches to existing Apache source code.

The webserver is distributed with the full source code. You are able to use it for non-commercial purposes for free, or for commercial purposes for a fee (due to patents on algorithms). It can be used outside the USA so long as you retain the copyright notices. If you are outside the UK, you may also be subject to export restrictions.

For more information about Apache-SSL, please consult the pages at either *A.L. Digital Ltd. (London) or *C2Net (California).

Apache Module Registry

This project was developed to provide a central location to find and submit information about Apache modules projects and developers that are taking advantage of the powerful API interface provided by the Apache HTTP server.
For more information about the Apache Module Registry, please consult the page at *Zyzzyva Enterprises (Nebraska).

Apache Week

A weekly summary of the latest Apache developments. Apache Week provides an easy way to stay abreast of the latest news about Apache including: new releases, major bug fixes, plans for the next version, new apache ports and other related Apache information.
You can view * Apache Week on the Web or receive it each week by email.

PHP/FI Project

PHP/FI implements a simple HTML-embedded scripting language. It includes a built-in page logging/counting mechanism with the ability to log hits to an SQL database. It also supports a number of RDBMS packages including mSQL 1, mSQL 2, mysql, Solid, Postgres95 and Sybase.
For more information on PHP/FI see the *PHP/FI Homepage (Toronto).

Apache/Perl Integration Project

The Apache/Perl integration project brings together the full power of the Perl programming language and the Apache HTTP server. With * mod_perl it is possible to write Apache modules entirely in Perl. In addition, the persistent interpreter embedded in the server avoids the overhead of starting an external interpreter and the penalty of Perl start-up time.

For more information on Apache/Perl see the *Apache/Perl Homepage.

Apache for OS/2

The primary motivation for this port is to show that OS/2 is a viable and powerful server platform and to promote its use as such. The secondary reason is to provide a free industrial strength HTTP server with a growing feature set available for OS/2.
For more information about Apache for OS/2, please consult the page at *SoftLink Services (Ohio).