this is my private server. In fact, it is my first attempt to do something WWW-related, so don't be too demanding.

You won't find anything comprehensive here; just collection of random stuff of interest for me. Maybe it'll be interesting for you, too, maybe not.

If you're looking for SGML-tools, here is *mirror of their site.

Ok, here we are. What is of interest for me, then? Well, it's hard to define well. Certainly, all Linux-related stuff since I'm using it. Then, all sort of information about programming, since I used to be a programmer and trying to follow modern trends there. Particularly, now I'm playing with new Internet toy -- *Java.

I should warn you, most documents here that are written by me, are in Russian, and are readable only if your environment supports one of Russian charsets listed at the end of this page. Moreover, even if there are English pages, they are usually shorter and outdated. Sorry.

Mail me your comments. If you want to know more about me, read my *Geek code:
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